A Crash Course in Sushi

If you have always been interested in sushi, but a little intimidated to try, we are ready to get you started! Sushi is a healthy, fun and tasty way to add a different taste to dinner.

What is Sushi

The term "sushi" actually has nothing to do with raw fish. Sushi refers to the short grain rice that is often served with the fish. While raw fish is available, there are just as many vegetarian option or choices with cooked meat.

The Menu

Looking at a sushi menu can be a bit daunting. There are several styles to choose from:

  • Rolls, or Maki, consist of fish, crab or vegetables "rolled" in a sheet of seaweed and rice, often cut into bite sized pieces. This is the best place to start for beginners as there are plenty of selections with different choices of cooked meat or vegetables. Your server will be happy to help you make the perfect selection.
  • Nigiri sushi consists of a hand pressed ball of rice with a slice of fish on top.
  • Sashimi is raw seafood served chilled and sliced.

Sushi Sides

Your sushi plate will typically come with a slice of ginger, a bit of wasabi paste and shredded radish. You will also get a small saucer to hold soy sauce. If you have never tried ginger or wasabi, take it easy at first. Both sides have a strong flavor.

No Need to Start Raw

If you are hesitant to order raw fish, start out with a cooked variety such as shrimp or crab meat. You can also look for broiled eel or salmon or one of the many vegetarian rolls. Cucumbers, avocado and cream cheese are common ingredients. Your server can help you pick a selection that does not have raw fish.

Ready for Raw?

When you are ready to step into raw sushi, try a nigiri selection. Start out with a mild flavor such as tuna, then work into fuller flavors such as salmon and yellowtail.

A Few Tips

  • It is acceptable to eat sushi with your hands, but always use chopsticks for sashimi
  • If you like a little spice, add a bit of wasabi to the saucer with soy sauce for dipping
  • Try not to dip the rice into the soy sauce, only the fish
  • Eat small bits of the ginger between sushi pieces to clean your palate